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Volunteer Accident and Sickness Coverage

Instructions for Submitting Notice of Claim Form

In case of accident or injury, notify your Commanding Officer/Supervisor immediately.

Please follow these instructions to submit your claim for medical and/or disability coverage. Incomplete forms, or forms submitted without necessary signatures, will delay processing of your claim. Notice of Claim form must be submitted within 30 days of the incident and/or illness or, if notice cannot be given at that time, as soon as reasonably possible.

  1. Complete Notice of Claim form in its entirety and sign the form:  VASC Claim Form
  2. Have Commanding Officer/Supervisor sign claim form;
  3. Forward completed form to VACORP either by mail or email as follows:
    1315 Franklin Road, SW
    Roanoke, VA 24016

Information about the claim process

  • It will take up to two business days from the time the claim is submitted before the assigned VACORP representative will have system access to the information.
  • VACORP will email the Member the claim number and related information once the claim is entered into the system.
  • VACORP representative will contact claimant as part of the claim process to obtain additional information. This may include Authorization to Release Medical Records, payroll information, and other records, as applicable.
  • All claims will be paid as outlined under the Schedule of Benefits.
  • In order to issue payment for medical costs, VACORP will need itemized bills and all Explanation of Benefits (EOB) showing what your insurance has paid, if applicable. Statements without itemized information will not be paid.
  • Questions about a specific claim? Call 888-822-6772